Thank you for registering your guests, the Front Desk will notify you on their arrival. A safe and secure space is a priority for us and we appreciate your help in maintaining this.

Next Steps

We encourage being a great host here at Verkspace. Remember the following when it comes to having guests in the space:

Greeting Your Guests

Upon arrival the Front Desk will greet your guests and notify you via the method you have chosen.

You’ll then be responsible for retrieving your guests at the Front Desk and taking them to your meeting area.

Get Comfortable

Help your guests get settled into the space you’re meeting. Mention where to find the washrooms. Help them connect to the wi-fi and point out where they can plug in any devices.

If you’re meeting in the lounges, be considerate of your co-workers and neighbours when it comes to your behaviour, volume and content.

Remember others can perceive everything you find amusing differently.

Offer Your Guests a Drink

Being a good host is expected of all our members. Offer your guests a coffee, tea or beer. Also don’t forget the water, it’s important to stay hydrated.

When it comes to alcohol we do remind you and your guests to drink responsibly.

Clean Up After

Unless your mother has a membership here with you, do take care of your meetings afterwards by placing waste in the appropriate receptacles and dirty dish ware in the washer.

When do my guests need to leave?

We love having your guests in the space, but do request that they vacate the space by 7PM.