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“Why do we travel to Iceland?” is a question friends and I often experience when we talk about our upcoming travels. In the past 2 years there have been at least 4 trips with Reykjavik as part of our itinerary. While yes it is a beautiful place that haunts you when you leave there is so much more to it than just dramatic fjords and bright moss.

There is the certain happiness that you feel walking the main streets of the 101 (downtown Reykjavik). Even on days where a fine mist/snow/hurricane force wind is constantly pelting your face, the hot coffee, loaded pylsur and fresh cookies are enough to keep a smile on the crankiest of faces.

While food is the easiest way to keep ones anger at bay, there is also the local art scene. One artist in particular has done an amazing job at capturing the playful, colourful side of Iceland, that really captures the inner child of the nation.

Ice Viking

Prints by Ninna Þórarinsdóttir


Prints by Ninna Þórarinsdóttir

Ninna Þórarinsdóttir has a unique look on the traditions and habits that may seem odd to most of the world. “I think, because I’ve been living in other countries for so long that I can see the funny and strange side of Iceland that I did not see before. My most favourite thing about Iceland is how Icelandic people have such “ hard viking attitude” , like; weather does not affect me,”.

Ninna’s spot on with these assessments. During one of our trips to Iceland, a hurricane like storm swept across the nation. While stopping for lunch at Geysir, the staff  were warning everyone to get back to shelter where they could stay warm and safe, while in one corner a older (most likely local) couple sat enjoying a soft serve cone. Ninna stands by this behaviour it can be minus 10 degrees outside, I´ll still go get my Sunday icecream, I might even not put on a jacket, just because I can and nobody can tell me otherwise.”

It’s this unique blend of Icelandic upbringing and living abroad that inspires Ninna in her Icelandic art. ” When I was asked to make a drawing for something Icelandic, a viking with ice cream was the first thing that came up in my mind, my translation of a typical Icelander. I relate so much with him, I am him. On christmas day I will go stand in line for Vesturbæjarís (West town icecream) so I can have some for a dessert 🙂 mmmmmmm… with warm chocolate sauce and liquorice :þ”.

We love the way Ninna has captured Iceland and decided we wanted her art to have a place in our space. Come by Verkspace for a tour and we’d love to show you some of her pieces.


Prints by Ninna Þórarinsdóttir

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