Media “Geðveiki” (madness)

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Photos from, chair from ElteMkt, copper side table from StyleGarage, plant life from WestElm, felt pad from HAY

When you’re new, no one knows about you. That is unless you work really hard to  get people to know you. We could have gone and accosted people in the streets, but we have better things to do, than to irritate others. Instead we’re working with some pleasant PR folks, so they can irritate you on our behalf.

Working with media outreach has been quite exciting. We’re meeting new people. We’re exchanging ideas and conversations conversations, usually around copious amounts of coffee.


Photo from

One of our first visitors was Assa from, a curly haired fashion maven, who knows how to effectively take a dramatically lit photo. Not only do her shots beautifully capture the great selfie lighting here at Verkspace, her outfit is quite the stunning piece of office attire.

Be sure to read more about Assa’s day here, along with all the nice things she had to say.

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