Black Canary Espresso Bar


Affectionately described as “A little cafe with a big heart”, The Black Canary’s Sherbourne location provides a quaint, casual meeting space for small groups. Much of the limited seating space is communal style, encouraging a collaborative coffee experience. Rockwellian artwork hangs beneath an unmistakably teal ceiling (surf-inspired?), and a dusty record player dangles it’s needle, ready to hook yours ears. These are the good things in life. Also good: the locally sourced coffee, fresh bagels and pastries. Make sure to try the nutellacino, a creamy cappuccino with a subtle Nutella kick. They’ll even offer you the mixing spoon afterwards, so no Nutella goes to waste. Go ahead, we won’t judge.

Most Popular Drink Specialty Drink: Americano/Nutellacino (Nutella cappuccino)
Most Popular Food Item: Breakfast cookies and scones


61 Sherbourne St,
Toronto, ON M5A 2P8

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